Sara Eden success stories…

At Sara Eden the true measure of success is how many of the couples that we introduce then go on to forming loving, long-term relationships.
On these pages we present a small selection of our success stories and weddings over the last 28 years.
Every couple featured has given their permission to be included on our success stories.

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Jon & Claire

Dear Angela, Mary and Karen

It was Happy New Year from Venice (we emailed you a photo) , now it’s Happy Easter from Austria (again we sent a photo).

Now we attach our favourite photo for your success stories!.

Thank you so much for introducing us.

With love

Jon and Claire xx

John and Christine

Dear Karen

I thought you should know how impressed I’ve been with your agency, your professionalism and the service you offer. I have joined dating sites and an expensive London based agency in the past but your agency is really amazing!

Somehow you have managed to work your magic with me. Behind your discrete office doors, you, Debbie and your staff have been consistently working on my behalf. From the very first introduction you selected for me; through to finding the person I want to be with and hopefully wants to be with me forever.

All my dates have been interesting and each and every one of the ladies I have met have helped me in my journey towards finding the special lady I have now found. Hopefully the wedding invite will be in the post soon! None of this would have been possible without Sara Eden. I happily recommend your friendly and discrete service to friends.

John F Essex 

Useful tips for your first date

A good starting point is the other person. Ask them about their family, their work, interests and how they see themselves in the future but don’t make it sound like an interrogation! For a successful long term relationship similar goals and aspirations are a must. Be yourself, don’t try to be someone you are not. If you are nervous be honest and say you are nervous. Don’t talk endlessly about your ex – believe it or not this is one of the most common reasons for not getting a second date. Politics and religion are a big NO NO!

Smile! Everyone is attracted to a smile – so smile and enjoy your date. Turn off your phone and for goodness sake don’t text or tweet during your date.

Choose a mutually convenient venue, a weekend lunchtime is good and a snack is better than a large meal. Don’t go somewhere too noisy – the whole idea of a first date is to talk to each other and find out about each other and you can’t do that with loud noises in the background.

Wear something you feel comfortable in. Nothing too tight or revealing and avoid the extremes of your wardrobe too. Business suits are a not good unless you have just come from the office. A splash of colour is good – wearing black only can make you look dull.