Adrian & Maria

Adrian and Maria

Dear Karen,

Firstly, thank you for sending copies of the photographs, you were very quick off the mark and it was lovely to see them on our return. I wonder if we could borrow the negatives? We promise to return them!

Thank you also for the wonderful gift of the Spode butter dish, we now have quite a collection.

We both thoroughly enjoyed our day, although it was all over too quickly. Fortunately, the hotel reception staff managed to keep people with bad intensions out of the honeymoon suite so there were no surprises, which was more than could be said for the Lotus!

We spent the first week of our honeymoon at the Jebel Ali Hotel, just outside Dubai. The hotel was fabulous and the weather was about 90 degrees and very sunny for the whole three weeks.

We do owe you another big thank you for bringing us together in the first place. Without Sara Eden, we would never have met!

Now we are married, we’ve decided that we’re happy to do some PR for you, so if you want to use our wedding photo in the paper and mention Sara Eden, that’s OK.

We will pop in and see you soon!


Adrian and Maria