Robin & Ann

Robin and Ann

Dear Karen,

Following on from our telephone Conversation, it really is hard to believe that a, year ago I joined Sara Eden. I was living and working in Kent and never thought my life could change so much.

On May 28th, I met Robin only the third person I had met through the Agency and we just clicked (as I’m sure you knew we would) . Moved up to Surrey in August. On March 3rd of this year we married at Epsom Registry Office, a small affair with just family as we had both been married before, but the sun shone and although Robin tried to put the wedding ring on the wrong finger and ended up dropping it (nerves I think) it really was a lovely day. We flew out to spend a week with my new In-Laws and had a wonderful time.

Travelling to Whitstable every day was beginning to take its toll, so my company has set up an office in Surrey, so I can work from here most of the time, which is great because Robin gave me a Cocker Spaniel Puppy as a wedding present (something I’ve yearned for since I was young) She is 3 months old now and spoiled silly.

Looking back, it seems ironic that it took me months of dithering to join the agency, yet only two months to meet the man I was going to marry. If you had said that in less than a year I would be living and working in Surrey, married with a puppy I would have said you were stark staring mad!!!

Without sounding too gushy my life has turned out wonderfully, I’ve met and married a very kind, funny, special man and it wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t joined Sara Eden. So before I get even more sentimental-, I would like to say a big thank you to you Karen, who interviewed us both and everyone at the Agency. I really don’t know how you did it!!

I’ll keep you informed of any further news, and once again Thank you!

Ann White