Gerry & Wendy

Success story update

Hello Karen

I realised how nice it would be to share some more great news with you and your team. Gerry and I are going to be living together from the end of April 2019!

Thank you very much again for the introduction.

Here is a photo from our recent wonderful trip to Phoenix.

Warm regards


Subject: A Big Thank You!


Dear Mary

I wanted to let you know that since September 2016, (when you and I last met), I have been seeing Gerry B.  It has developed into a lovely relationship and continues to grow stronger all the time.  We both feel very lucky to have met each other.

I thought it would be nice to keep you up to date and want to thank you so, so much again for the introduction.  I’m so grateful to have joined Sara Eden and so glad you helped me to keep going after what seemed to be a difficult start. It was well worth the perseverance!

With many thanks and warm regards,