Jonathan & Loraine

As business partners who had found themselves single after divorce, Jonathan and Loraine both decided to join Sara Eden, and here is their story…

Dear all,

We would like to give you our wonderful news, we have found love unexpectedly… but not with anyone else but with one another. Loraine and I both realised that we were looking for ‘each other’ when we read the other one’s profile. We always had that attraction, but because we are business partners, we did not entertain the idea. However, we believe that our feelings are too strong to just ignore. Although this is not the normal way that Sara Eden helps people find love we believe you brought us together and we really want to say thank you!

Kind Regards,

Dear Karen,

Thank you for your email.

Firstly, I would like to say that Jonathan and myself are of course very happy indeed!

It was the fact that we were both searching for love… We realised we both had the qualities we were looking for.

We are both happy for you to use our real first names and tell our story.

Kind Regards,