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Sara Eden is the UK’s foremost dating, introduction and matchmaking agency.

Our offices are located in Westminster, London and Royal Windsor.

Over 33 years of success – bringing together thousands of couples who would otherwise never have met.

Get matched with a suitable partner of the right calibre

We attract people who are intelligent and interesting, who would like to meet someone for a lasting relationship. Maybe your career has been in one of the following areas, in which case you could find romance at Sara Eden with like minded people, who share your outlook, lifestyle and aspirations.

Relationship aspirations are many and varied, so we get to know you personally in order to reach an informed and rounded view as to who will suit you. Our members are financially independent and have been successful in whatever field they have chosen.

Academia      Accountancy  Entrepreneurship  Finance  Government   Law   Media   Medicine  PR   The Arts

We know what makes two people compatible.

Finding a partner through Sara Eden is safe, sensible and discreet. Relationship aspirations are many and varied. We get to know you personally, so we can reach an informed and rounded view on who will suit you. We won’t waste your time.

Here’s what makes Sara Eden so special

We use our years of experience to guide and advise you. We help you to break the patterns of the past and look in new directions.

The vast majority of new clients contact us through word of mouth or because they know couples who have met each other through us.

Call us to find out more, it could be the start of something amazing.

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