Bespoke Introductions

 Sara Eden is the UK’s foremost dating, introduction and matchmaking agency.
Our offices are located in Westminster, London and Royal Windsor.

Over 36 years of success – bringing together thousands of couples who would otherwise never have met.

  • We attract people who are intelligent, financially independent and sincere in their search to meet someone for a lasting relationship. They know time is precious and they trust us to help them make the most of it.
  • The majority of our membership are based in London and the Home Counties, although we do have members throughout the UK and a few overseas.
  • Our members have decided to take control of their lives. They are serious about finding a relationship, care about confidentiality and security and do not wish to swipe right or left or date online.
  • Each prospective member is asked to either visit us in person, or virtually, for a friendly, informal discussion, supply three forms of identification and sign a confidentiality contract. This ensures your safety and confidentiality at all times.
  • We will ask you to complete a Personal Profile form, which tells us about yourself as well as the type of person you are looking for. A selection of profiles will then be personally chosen for you.
  • We do not use computers to match people. Sara Eden is a personal matchmaking agency and our unique reputation is based on this.
  • Should we both wish to take things further, our membership levels will be explained and a decision made on which is right for you.
  • Finding a partner through Sara Eden is safe, sensible and discreet. We get to know you and use our years of experience to guide and advise you. We help you break the patterns of the past and look in new directions.
  • Over 75% of new clients contact us through word of mouth or because they know couples who have met each other through us. We have an amazing success rate – up to 95% on our Founder membership level.
  • Sara Eden have been members of the Association of British Introduction Agencies since 1988, operating within the ABIA Code of Practice.
  • Call us to find out more, it could be the start of something amazing, we could change your life forever.
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