Personalised membership options

We recognise that each individual has different requirements and personal objectives. This is why we’ve developed a membership structure that allows you to decided the level of time and service you want from us.

Our membership fees start from just £1,795 inclusive of VAT for a year and increase through various levels of service up to ‘Founders Membership’, which provides a select group of clients with the personal attention and experience of our founder, Karen Mooney.

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Sara Eden’s simple steps to helping you find love

  • First,  you complete a Personal Profile form which tells us about yourself, as well as the type of person you are looking for.
  • You will be asked to sign a confidentiality contract.
  • A selection of profiles will then be personally chosen for you.
  • From these you will be asked to make your initial selection of the people you would like to meet.
  • Should we both wish to take things further, the various  membership levels will be explained and a decision made on which is right for you.

We do not use computers to match people. Sara Eden is a personal introduction agency and our unique reputation is based on this.

Your questions answered

You should be careful and choose an agency which is a member of the Association of British Introduction Agencies. All member agencies will follow a strict Code of Practice.

Don’t be afraid to ask how long the agency has been in business and how many members they currently have.

The better the agency knows you and understands your needs, the better the likelihood of success. Make sure they explain to you in detail what it is they can do for you.

When you join Sara Eden, don’t be surprised to be asked for proof of identification. We take your security very seriously and have measure in place to protect you and your confidentiality.

No. We are a ‘Personal’ introduction agency. As such we always meet our members in person at either our London or Windsor offices.

You should always visit the agency you are thinking of joining and ask to see evidence of their successful track record, letters of recommendation, thank you letters, wedding photographs – these are all hallmarks of an agency which knows what it is doing.

Don’t think you will necessarily get what you pay for! Fees vary widely from one agency to another; the most expensive is not necessarily the best. At Sara Eden, we offer different levels of membership and the benefits of each will be discussed with you during your first appointment.