Personalised membership options

We recognise that each individual has different requirements and personal objectives. This is why we’ve developed a membership structure that allows you to decided the level of time and service you want from us.

Our membership fees start from just £1,795 inclusive of VAT for a year and increase through various levels of service up to ‘Founders Membership’, which provides a select group of clients with the personal attention and experience of our founder, Karen Mooney.

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Sara Eden’s simple steps to helping you find love

  • First,  you complete a Personal Profile form which tells us about yourself, as well as the type of person you are looking for.
  • You will be asked to sign a confidentiality contract.
  • A selection of profiles will then be personally chosen for you.
  • From these you will be asked to make your initial selection of the people you would like to meet.
  • Should we both wish to take things further, the various  membership levels will be explained and a decision made on which is right for you.

We do not use computers to match people. Sara Eden is a personal introduction agency and our unique reputation is based on this.