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How can I know an introduction agency is trustworthy?

You should be careful and choose an agency which is a member of the Association of British Introduction Agencies. All member agencies will follow a strict Code of Practice.

Should I take a direct approach?

Don’t be afraid to ask how long the agency has been in business and how many members they currently have.

What will the agency want to know about me?

The better the agency knows you and understands your needs, the better the likelihood of success. Make sure they explain to you in detail what it is they can do for you.

Aren’t there a lot of ‘chancers’ out there?

When you join Sara Eden, don’t be surprised to be asked for proof of identification. We take your security very seriously and have measure in place to protect you and your confidentiality.

Can I just sign up with you online?

No. We are a ‘Personal’ introduction agency. As such we meet all our members either virtually with the aid of a video platform or face to face at one of our offices.

You should always visit the agency you are thinking of joining and ask to see evidence of their successful track record, letters of recommendation, thank you letters, wedding photographs – these are all hallmarks of an agency which knows what it is doing.

If I just pay more will I guarantee a better match?

Don’t think you will necessarily get what you pay for! Fees vary widely from one agency to another; the most expensive is not necessarily the best.

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