Sara Eden success stories…

At Sara Eden the true measure of success is how many of the couples that we introduce then go on to forming loving, long-term relationships.
On these pages we present a small selection of our success stories and weddings over the last 29 years.
Every couple featured has given their permission to be included on our success stories.

Nigel and Marion

Hi Karen

 I thought I would let you know that things are going brilliantly between myself and Marion. I proposed whilst on holiday in South Africa back in January and gave her a lovely ‘engagement ring’, although we don’t plan on getting married at the moment. She gave up work at the start of May and has never looked back! We plan to move in together once Amy goes to University in October.

 So all going great thanks to you.

 I hope business is booming.

 Best wishes


Fred and Diane

Fred and Diane prove that distance is not a problem where affairs of the heart are concerned.

Fred and Diane both joined Sara Eden 27 years ago. Fred was in the film business and called us from the US saying he wanted to join Sara Eden, we told him that would be fine but he would have to come to the UK for an interview. A month later he did and it was agreed he would come to the UK once every 2 months for a week. Diane was the first person he met and he immediately liked her but he wanted to be absolutely sure. They both laugh about it now but his two monthly trips were booked and he saw quite a few ladies before calling Diane again and asking her out for dinner.

Almost a year to the day they married, firstly living in the US then relocating to the UK a few years later. What a lovely surprise it was yesterday when they popped into see us and told us how happy they were. Debbie took the middle photograph and they don’t look much different to the one they sent to us in 1991!

Last month they celebrated their 25th Wedding Anniversary and we were delighted to receive the photo on the right taken on the day to share on our success stories.

Useful tips for your first date

A good starting point is the other person. Ask them about their family, their work, interests and how they see themselves in the future but don’t make it sound like an interrogation! For a successful long term relationship similar goals and aspirations are a must. Be yourself, don’t try to be someone you are not. If you are nervous be honest and say you are nervous. Don’t talk endlessly about your ex – believe it or not this is one of the most common reasons for not getting a second date. Politics and religion are a big NO NO!

Smile! Everyone is attracted to a smile – so smile and enjoy your date. Turn off your phone and for goodness sake don’t text or tweet during your date.

Choose a mutually convenient venue, a weekend lunchtime is good and a snack is better than a large meal. Don’t go somewhere too noisy – the whole idea of a first date is to talk to each other and find out about each other and you can’t do that with loud noises in the background.

Wear something you feel comfortable in. Nothing too tight or revealing and avoid the extremes of your wardrobe too. Business suits are a not good unless you have just come from the office. A splash of colour is good – wearing black only can make you look dull.