Julian & Janet

Dear Karen
I have been meaning to write for such a long time now but have had a very hectic year.
Since you rang me at work and l informed you that I was still seeing Julian, each weekend has been eventful and what with my new job I haven’t had a minute to spare!

Yes, we have been meeting up each weekend for over two years now and in the time I have known him my life has been full of fun new experiences. At the grand old age of fify-eight years old: (he’s my `toy boy’ being two years younger) I have tried skiing, cycling and capsizing in freezing waters. Life is full surprises (and bruises) and we have visited several interesting places together for holidays including, Mauritius, Sicily, Puglia (Italy) and France. Japan is on the cards for next March (two of my three children are out there teaching) and Sweden in May to collect a new custom built yacht.

We happen to share the same taste and both of us are good designers when it comes to interior decorating. We paint (art-wise) and have spent many a weekend on the Solent anchored up and creating paintings from what we see — even sold some!

Considering that I have been on my own since 1992 and diligently denied myself any personal fun putting my children’s needs-first and getting them all through university which proved hard financially, I felt it was my turn to be a little selfish.
When I joined up with your agency, I wasn’t expecting any more than to meet up with like-minded members of the opposite sex to get myself out of a rut of spending weekends with a glass of wine in front of the television.

Janet and julian

Then along came Julian.

We met up in Windsor (half way from where I lived and his place just outside Woking), on a sunny day in September. Neither of us expecting much, but in time things just developed and how things grew!

I am trying hard now to sell my house as Julian is very keen for me to move in with him and for us to share our lives together. Our children are very supportive and now that they have grown up and left the nest, I am free to do what I want at last.
What I would like to say to your members is that they should join your agency with an open mind and enjoy the experience of meeting different people from various walks of life. Mr or Ms Right may or may not be waiting round the corner— but, if one is patient then one may be lucky enough to find the gem that I have discovered meeting Julian.
Thank you for introducing me to a man who has given me a reason to live and to smile again.

Thanking you sincerely