Martin & Erica

Dearest Karen,

Martin and Erica

Yes indeed it is me, Erica. I bet you thought that I had fallen off the planet.

You may well remember I finally left your care after one and a half years of Mr.Wrongs for Martin from Watford (he lied on his profile and claimed he was a St. Albans man!!)

Nearly 5 years later we are still blissfully happy. We tied the knot on November 22nd at Amberley Castle – a very small do, just 8 of us.

We are having the reception proper on New Years Eve at home. I expect that you will be booked up but we would love you to come if you can. We have just bought a barn of a house that Martin is renovating so we thought it made sense to throw a bash at home on the 1980s carpet and not care.

We are so happy I cannot tell you. I never though after all that time that I would ever meet Mr.Right. I don’t know if I was your longest standing client but it certainly felt like it at times. We laugh so hard about our times at SE.

Lots of love, and thanks to you for everything. We toasted Sara Eden on our special day.

Erica and Martin

Martin and Erica 2

Look what came in on email over the weekend.

Thank you Martin and Erica for your lovely photographs and update.

Dear Karen, Debbie and all

I hope all is well with you? We are fine. Working hard and playing hard too. Just had Xmas in LA with some friends so can’t complain. Life is good and my husband is still handsome. I thought I would send you some up to date photographs for your website and offices.

I always advocate the benefits of SE and if you want us to do PR to celebrate your 30th Anniversary just let us know.

Love Erica xxx