Terrell & Patricia

Dear Karen and staff,

We would both like to thank you a million times for everything.
Thanks for your present.
Thanks for being with us on our special day.
Most of all, thanks for introducing us!! Hope to see you all soon.

Love Terrell and Patricia

Terrell and Patricia


Thank you Terrell and Patricia for the lovely BBQ you invited us to at the weekend. It was so good to meet up after all those years. It was also really lovely to see the photo of Janet and Paul and their two teenage sons who also met through Sara Eden after your recommendation. ┬áIt was good to be reminded by Terrell that I talked him into seeing Patricia as he didn’t want to meet someone who had been divorced and very reassuring to know he was pleased that I did and they have a very happy loving marriage with two beautiful daughters.

Below we recreate the wedding day pose, well similar anyway!

patricia and terrell