Brrrr….baby it’s cold outside. Time to find someone to keep you warm!
Love it or loathe it, January is a time for new beginnings, when we think  (possibly)about living a better life, or at least one that will make us happier and more fulfilled.  Having the right partner definitely helps.
Did you know that the period between January and Valentine’s Day is the busiest of the year for those wanting to date? With more people searching for a new partner at this time of year than any other, there are going to be lots more people to choose from.
January Dating Tip
What about those tricky second dates in winter? Action is the answer! A walk is bonding – fresh air, the action of walking side by side in step and the fact that there’s less need for that tricky eye contact, combine to make this a great idea. If you are the planner, make sure that you know where you are heading to afterwards (a warm cafe/bistro/pub preferably) and pick somewhere for your walk where other folks will be around, such as a park: your date doesn’t know you well enough yet for you to be spending time together in a remote location. Please no forced route marches – there is nothing to prove here!

Looking forward to finding you the perfect match…..xx