Thank you Cynthia for this success story update.
Dear Karen
I wanted to thank you again for making my dearest wish a reality. Alex is now 14 and Emily is turning 13.  I guess we have you to thank for two teenagers in the house.
Andrew and I just celebrated our 15th anniversary and I still pinch myself when I see photos of the four of us.
As you know, Andrew and I both lived in Moscow at the same time and he even took over my job and desk after I left.  The expat community was so small there so it is still extraordinary that it took Sara Eden to bring us together — Sara Eden AND a decision on both of our parts to stop leaving our futures to fate.
I always tell people when I am evangelising about you that yours was the agency that put me in the driving seat as I got to choose the next steps. There was no algorithm and in those days “swiping” wasn’t a thing.
Your method always felt like it was opening my social circle out to meeting more eligible men than I would have been introduced to by my own friends and colleagues.  They all felt pre-screened and were largely my type of people as we shared interests and outlooks.
Each of my dates was lovely and I would have been thrilled to have my best friend go out with any of them…as you know there was no ‘Sparke’ until I met Andrew and the rest is history.
Hope you keep doing what you are doing for a long time to come.  It is smart, efficient and it works!!!
Cynthia x