Fewer women are seeking divorce as husbands are more willing to share domestic duties, experts say.

Wives wanting to end their marriage within five years has reached the lowest level in four decades, statistics show – almost halving from its peak in 1986.

Marriage experts say the change has been led by a cultural shift with men more willing to share childcare and domestic responsibilities, making women ‘less cross’.

Figures from the Office of National Statistics, analysed for the Marriage Foundation, showed 7.9 per cent of women who had married in 1986 asked for a divorce within five years. But just over 4 per cent of women who married in 2008 had asked for a divorce by 2013.

As women are more likely to instigate divorce, this contributed to a decline in the divorce rate over the past two decades.

Therefore, I conclude the secret to a happy marriage is – Share The Chores!