At Sara Eden we do make dreams come true….We received this lovely email today.

Hi Angela,
Here is another one for your blue success file.
I met Liane about 10 Months ago and to say that my life has not been the same since is a bit of an understatement. I would never have guessed that on that night when I first met her I would have been to Paris, India, Scotland, Cornwall and Ireland on holiday with her within just 10 months. We had a fantastic Christmas with our families and the list of amazing experiences just goes on and on. We are looking at moving in together in the near future and who knows what then. Had someone told me I would have done this and found myself in this amazing situation just one year ago I would never have believed them. Our families call us ‘the love birds’.
I must say I can not thank SE enough for the help in finding this amazing lady who has brought to my life so much in the little time I have known her. I, like I am sure most people, was at first a little sceptical, would I find a person who would suit me but I can honestly say you have found me the most amazing person and I wish to thank you for this.
I wish you and everyone else well at SE a fantastic future finding other people their partners and hope that things go well for you all both personally and professionally for many years to come.
Kind regards


Just to reiterate – We are really happy for you to add the email to your love stories file.
When I am next in London I will bring in a big bunch of flowers for you as well to say thanks.
I can not thank you enough. Also feel free to contact me in the future if you need further references for your sterling work.
Photo to follow…..