Sara Eden Success
From: Annabel
19 April 2017 05:59
To: info
Subject: For Karen/Debbie
Importance: High
Dear ladies
I have just recommended your services to a friend of mine and remembered I emailed you to let you know that Alastair and I were getting married and didn’t hear back, so perhaps you didn’t receive it.
So I thought I would email again to share our happy news. You introduced us in December 2012 and we married on 19th June 2014 it turned out we had met 20 years previously when Alastair’s firm acted for my parents in law, and we never looked back.  I moved from Somerset and we are now living in an idyllic Cotswold village, and although my mother died last June, my 94 year old father is still with us, I continue with business and Alastair commutes daily.
Thank you both; I don’t suppose either of us thought this would be such a match, but serendipity and the SE magic clearly brought us back to each other.
With our warmest wishes,
Annabel & Alastair