The Coronavirus Opportunity

Thursday, March 19th, 2020

Our lives are topsy turvy just now, for how long we don’t know.

There are impacts on love – couples new and old are stranded in far away places, unable to go out and with only each other for company,or stuck at home with the same dilemma. A situation with the potential to make or break if ever there was one….

BUT, what we have here is a golden opportunity to alter our behaviour, to really get to know each other at a deeper level and test the strength of our romantic connections. Tough, yes, but potentially so much healthier than the transitory nature of internet dating. This time it’s going to get personal!

Those relationships that don’t survive will throw many back into the dating pool, where they will have to think much more carefully about who they choose to meet. This is progress. Internet dating has commoditised romance, demoralised many and cheapened one of life’s great bonuses, aggrandising speed and multiple partners and worst of all increasing indifference to the feelings of others for long enough.

From now on, the decision to meet someone will require more thought and the ability to decode what people write about themselves to identify those who share your values and aspirations more accurately. Encounters will be more intense and will acquire more value as a result, because who will want to risk meeting lots of strangers anymore? There is unlikely to be any touching, so words and gestures will count far more and eye contact will be back!

The key question will become “Is there a more direct route to where I want to be?”

If your boiler breaks down you call an expert; if your love life stops working you should do the same.

Find a matchmaker you feel you can trust, blessed with intuition and empathy, to get you firing on all cylinders. A professional, who will diagnose the problem and guide you back to romantic health, by identifying lovely, like minded potential partners and introducing you to each other.

This kind of dating is slow, but that’s about to become fashionable again. If you want to be ahead of the trend you had best seek out one of these magical creatures fast: we are a rare breed and we are going to be very busy!

Karen X