I would like to send a personal thank you to all at Sara Eden and particularly Karen.
I had never used an introduction agency before and I was apprehensive and maybe a little cynical about doing so. I was looking for a caring personal service and that is exactly what I got from Karen and her staff. She offers a truly professional introduction service, understands people, and is kind, funny, experienced and very intuitive.  
After some initial over analysing and dithering that I wasn’t sure the process was for me I decided to join the the Founder level of service where Karen would look after me personally. Karen took me in hand and simply asked me to trust her!  I did trust Karen and extremely quickly she started to introduce me to some really interesting and suitable men. How did she do it, how did she get to know me so quickly? Then she introduced me to someone very special.  In fact so special that nearly a year later we are getting married on July 8th and planning our future together. 
Karen your invitation is on its way!  I still don’t know how you did it….but we are so glad you did!  Thank you from both of us x
Joanne & Jamie
(picture to follow!)
Thank you so much Joanne and Jamie for this lovely email, I can’t wait for the wedding invitation.