Dating in later life.

Wednesday, August 21st, 2019


Yesterday I ran into an old friend who said she was not satisfied with the quality of men she was meeting in the world of dating…when I asked why – the first 3 things she mentioned were all physical aspects!

As we grow older we all physically age as well as mentally mature and grow. Yet some people are so fixated on what they are getting from the other on the outside that they won’t allow themselves to get to know them on the inside. We all had our time of looking great in our younger years, the reality is when you get into you 40’s, 50’s and 60’s it is inevitable people will lose hair, turn grey, put on weight, go through hormonal changes, form wrinkles and start to look their age. It’s very unlikely you will look 25 when you are 45, 55 or 65, have you ever thought about the person who has wrinkles and some extra weight now may well have been everything you wanted in a partner had you met them when you were both younger and had you been with that same person now, would their wrinkles and weight bother you or would you be happily living your life with them.

As we get older remember it’s not just looks that count as they fade as the years go by.

Karen X