You’ve looked at the prices.  Joining a dating agency is not cheap. You’re probably thinking that there is no way you’re going to pay someone any more of your hard earned money than you have to.
What you pay is merely the price – consider what the value is before you make your decision.
Do you want to meet people who have been interviewed at length by dating consultants with decades of expertise before being deemed suitable? Or maybe you don’t mind meeting those who’ve spent 20 minutes signing up online and cut and pasted their profile from somewhere else.
Do you prefer knowing the actual age of the person you are meeting, as verified by their passport and driving licence? Or maybe you’re happy with the number they picked out of a hat.
Do you want to meet people who are serious about relationships? Or perhaps you don’t mind meeting serial daters, cheats and commitment phobes. Err, hang on a minute. Maybe not.
There is no time wasting of this sort at Sara Eden.
Imagine always having someone you can ask for advice who will be impartial but want the very best for you.
Imagine having regularly scheduled meetings in lovely surroundings with someone who would assist you in seeing for yourself what will make you happy and guide you in working towards it.
The cost is not as much as you imagine.
Whatever challenges you face in life, it always pays to consult an expert. Getting your love life right is no less important.
Karen x