Early Adopters

Monday, November 16th, 2020

If you are an early adopter you are likely to be drawn to new concepts that stretch the boundaries of the known. You are adventurous, not risk averse, intuitive and you like to break new ground.

Sara Eden is one too.

33 years ago, hardly anyone met through introduction agencies – it was seen as taboo. Nonetheless, that’s when Sara Eden began, based on our founder Karen Mooney’s instinct that there was a genuine need for someone to step up and develop a model for bringing together like minded, high calibre individuals, who were seeking committed relationships. She knew that to work, it would have to be safe, discreet and deliver exactly what each of her potential clients wanted. As the business has grown, Karen has gathered a team of experts around her, all of whom have been chosen for their empathy and insight into what makes relationships work, long term.

Today, the agency continues to evolve – the pandemic highlighted the need to develop the service virtually – and senior staff now work with many members remotely. In fact this approach will continue alongside our conventional face to face meetings once the pandemic is over, as it is proving to be a great time saver for our busy professional members.

As a members’organisation our greatest asset is those members, all of whom have been vetted by us and have developed those all important interpersonal relationships with the Sara Eden consultants. No-one you are introduced to by Sara Eden will be an unknown quantity: we’ve seen their passports and know exactly how tall they are, so no surprises there!

There is no set formula to finding a life partner. There are elements of luck and timing that no-one can control, but by getting to know you properly and applying our skills and knowledge, we will be able, in the fullness of time, to identify exactly who your perfect match is and introduce you to them. Consultants have actually been known to match very quickly, where one is just joining and the other is already a member, simply because they’ve asked the right questions. We don’t offer memberships of any less than 12 months because we also recognise that matchmaking is an unpredictable, delicate and subtle process capable of endless variations and apart from anything else, you have to be in it to win it. This time efficient, bespoke, approach is sensitive to your true needs and will steer you gently away from the patterns of past failed relationships, towards personal fulfilment.

Call us – you have everything to gain.

The Sara Eden Team