Ask an Expert

Friday, November 6th, 2020

Dear Single Person,

You are not alone! There are many who just like you would prefer to be in a loving and supportive relationship right now. The UK has 7.7 million single person households – that’s what I call potential! Now is definitely not the time to give up hope.

Living alone has lots of advantages, not least that you are ‘master of your own ship’, ergo you can do as you please whenever it pleases you. Eat what you like and don’t clear up until you feel like doing so….and so on.  We are creatures for whom touch and connection are vital though – if you are feeling the loss of those you are close to as we hunker down for another period of isolation, then do read on.

Save Time

There are as many dating apps as you can count available at the touch of a button but this is neither a time efficient nor a reliable way to find a mate. Okay, you may be lucky, (luck plays a HUGE part in finding love) but for every 100 profiles you like, probably only 6-8 of them are from people who are actually available and then you have to fancy each other. There is a way you can get those surfing hours back and what’s more, rely on finding people who genuinely share your aspirations, values and lifestyle.

Ask an Expert

If you have a leak you call a plumber – after all plumbers know how to identify the solution you require and have the means to make an effective repair. Believe it or not, there are dating specialists out there who know how to identify the solution to your single status and the means to give you direct access to the right calibre of potential partner without any time wasting. Relationships are the greatest challenge we face in life. Why not consult an expert?

Sara Eden is just such an organisation, staffed by experts. It’s discreet and focused on you. Tell us what you are looking for and we will help you find it. The service is bespoke and we don’t use computers to match people: we prefer the expertise of our consultants, who will recognise your individual qualities. What’s more there’s no pressure – we chat and get to know you and on the way we support, advise and guide you, so that the luck comes your way for a change….

Karen X