We have just had the following email from two ex clients who have given us their permission to use this in our blog.
Dear Karen
This will probably be the most over-due thank-you letter ever, as I met my husband through your agency 11 years ago!
I wonder if you remember me. I am Tricia Kelly (now Bird), the Irish woman you met on holiday in Barbados Easter 2003. I was on my own and you were with your family. Having told you my story, over many relaxing days on a sun drenched beach, you suggested you’d have no problem finding a match for me through your introduction agency. 
Well… you were right. You did. After about 6 months of joining, I met Simon. It was love at first sight for us both when we met in Feb. 2004. In December 2006, we had a beautiful baby together. He is called Jamie and is 8 years old now. ( By then I was 45 years old!) We moved from London to a small village on the edge of Dartmoor in Devon in 2007 and relocated our family (now including 3 children!) and finally, when we found the time, we were married in our village church on 3rd May 2008.
It is the happiest of marriages and we have a very close family life. None of this would have happened without you Karen and your wonderful agency.
We feel very blessed.
So thank you.
I am happy to send a letter by post if you would find that helpful but Simon and I were just talking about you and so I felt prompted to contact you straight away. I attach a photo of us the year we met:))
With Love