It’s affecting us all, in one way or another, but whatever happens and whenever it is resolved, life, in all its glory, will continue…..
Why wait? At Sara Eden we all believe that it’s better to be in love than out of it at any time.
Join us – it will help you feel positive again about what’s possible. You will feel reassured that you have expert guidance, that you are meeting like-minded people, that your precious time is not being wasted and that you are at the centre of the process.
It is of course pretty scary looking for ‘The One’. You won’t find him or her hiding behind the sofa – you have to be out there, mentally as well as physically, both to search and to be seen. This can make you feel a bit exposed and vulnerable, so wouldn’t it be lovely to chat to a specialist and let them help you?
We offer friendly meetings (we also make great tea), where you can share your past experience and explore some options for change. Change does have to be part of what’s next: whatever you have been doing to find your soul mate in the past hasn’t worked and we all know the definition of insanity…….but you’ll find change the Sara Eden way to be gradual, not drastic; it will enable you to open yourself up to new approaches and put a foot outside your comfort zone. We’ll encourage you to take steps towards a different, happier future by meeting a range of people you might never otherwise come across. You may be surprised at how this alters your perspective and your feelings.
We understand the Sara Eden experience partly as a journey taken by you: the better you get to know yourself and understand your own needs, likes and dislikes, the better you will be able to spot the person who has the potential to be your other half. If you meet someone and it doesn’t work out, reflect on it, learn what you might do differently next time, then, with our help, it’s straight back on your path. You will reach your destination as long as you keep moving in the right direction.
Karen X