How to find your soul mate – life’s biggest question…….. You won’t find the answer in algorithms or by completing questionnaires that’s for sure.
Some are lucky and come across true and lasting love naturally – they meet, click and blend their lives.  With similar backgrounds, aspirations and values it’s likely their passage will be smooth, but even when that’s not the case, provided  both have the capacity to give and receive love, continue to ‘see’ each other and grow together, the chances are they will be pretty content.
But what if love hasn’t come your way, despite everything else in your life being great?
Your career and home, wonderful friends and quality of life are largely the result of your hard work. Love, on the other hand won’t come along because you want it to, may not even show itself at a convenient time, nor in the type of person you thought was right for you.
You need an expert, which is why you should consider our wonderful team at Sara Eden.
We specialise in finding love using a special skill. Nothing fancy, just good, old fashioned female intuition. With us, it’s not the volume of dates that matters – that’s just a head count – it’s all about ‘the one’. You could say its quality over quantity.
What happens? First of all we listen and encourage you to tell your story with the guarantee that it will remain confidential. We advise you and offer different interpretations of some of your romantic experiences, observing your reaction, to assess how ready you are for change. We look for something we call ‘love potential’ in you and if we find it, we will invite you to join the membership with whom you share the common goal of wanting to find true happiness. That sense we have of what will make you happy grows with each contact we have with you and the more you relate to us about how you feel, the better we can use our intuition to guide you to the right place.
We have almost 31 years’ experience behind us and an extraordinary number of happy couples who have found love in this curious way. Be prepared for surprises!