If you’re looking for love you have probably already been on the receiving end of what passes for manners these days.
Why are strangers so cavalier with your feelings in the dating arena? Exactly because that’s what they are – strangers. They have no investment and therefore no interest in making you feel better. To them you are just a set of words and maybe a few photos. They are hunting and want to maintain focus. You, well, you are a distraction.
How has it come to this? Of course, social media has resulted in a more fast paced approach to all communication. Whilst useful in some ways, when you’re searching for love, speed can lead you astray, so you dismiss people whose language, behaviour and appearance do not measure up to the ideal you have in your head. Oh dear.
It’s a big world and the actions of a few won’t change things overnight, but, I want to let you into a little secret – kindness is the attribute that is most commonly cited as being desirable in a soul-mate by both men and women. It is indicative of the capacity for compassion and passion, for generosity and empathy.
. It is exemplified in good manners, which as we know, cost nothing and demonstrate respect and regard for others. If you want to get ahead in the dating game, be the best mannered version of yourself you can be, the one who considers others, who leaves anyone they do not wish to meet again with their dignity intact. You will become influential, you will feel more positively disposed towards everyone and you will perceived as kinder than your rivals.
At Sara Eden we encourage you to respond to everyone who is interested in meeting you in a timely and well mannered way. As this becomes a habit, you will find yourself gently shifting towards a more generous and open mindset, in which your chance of identifying true love will be dramatically increased. You’ll be ahead of the game!
Karen X