You may be starting to feel Blog fatigue.
You know how it goes – starting with the best of intentions (yours), looking for something – anything –  that resonates with how you are feeling, to throw a chink of light on what a true and meaningful romantic relationship might actually look like, you are bombarded with advice. You fill your head and your heart with dreams and expectations, which gradually form cloud cover that obscures your view and takes you off course as soon as there is a puff of wind. There are no sails and there is definitely no map.
I can tell you where you are though – you are in a relationship with the wrong person.
Are you dating someone who is similar to a former lover?
“…. Sigh….It was so easy at first, as soon as we met, we felt that chemistry….”
Well, I have a newsflash for you. You are repeating history and expecting a different outcome. It didn’t work the first time did it?
Consider this – if you believe that you can only be attracted to very good looking people, it may be that subconsciously you prefer not to succeed.
Consider this too – if you aren’t in a relationship and you want to be,  I can pretty much guarantee that if you are prepared to make some changes in yourself, then that could change too. Put your phone away, open your eyes to the possibilities  around you, observe and listen to a wider range of opinions, see how others behave, then seek out compassion, humour and generosity and head straight for them.
If this all seems too daunting, take heart, change is no overnight wonder and everyone has the potential to succeed in love. If you want the benefit of years of experience, words of wisdom and an excellent cuppa, call us at  Sara Eden and we’ll give you a hand.
Karen X