Finding Love AT Christmas….

Wednesday, December 11th, 2019

You might view the prospect of Christmas without a date as utterly depressing. I see it as more of an opportunity: there are 7.5 million single people in the UK currently looking for love and now is the time they are most likely to be out and about, so you should be too.

Say yes to everything you’re invited to in December. Some of the events will be full of people you already know, but do ask yourself how well you really know them. Out of the places where you would normally encounter them (let’s say that’s the office) people are more likely to reveal things about their personal lives. They are also probably going to be feeling jollier, more relaxed and open…….you may find love right under your nose.

The best prospect however is when someone invites you for drinks or dinner with their workmates/neighbours/cricket team – people you don’t know at all – yet.

Betwixmas gets so much bad press: we’ve eaten, drunk and spent too much and it’s hard to keep track of which day it is. BUT It is also a period when we have time to ourselves before the madness of New Year’s Eve and the sombre thought of January chills take hold.

It is time to consider different approaches to dating if you are finding it hard to meet good people. Radical I know, but it is the best time to be out and about, having coffee, viewing exhibitions, walking in the park – seeing others and being seen.

If swiping hasn’t worked, or your answers to a lengthy dating questionnaire are only getting interest from people who are way too old, you could try a matchmaking agency, where you will receive individual advice and guidance about how to improve your chances and meet people you would never normally come across who share your dreams and aspirations. We’re happy to meet you and explore options and we’re only a phone call away.

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Karen X