Welcome to 2011! I can’t believe we are almost half way through January already and like all January’s before, it is one of the busiest months in the year for Sara Eden. As the New Year dawns emails ping into our inbox  from those who are single and don’t want to be this time next year. As always Saturday is a hectic day for us but being the second Saturday in January it’s more hectic than ever. So I thought I would pop out for some lunch before my next client was due and let Debbie and Nancy get on with their matchmaking as apparently I talk too much! Windsor is very busy today and I find a small cafe and order a baked potato and start reading the paper. The next thing I know I hear a voice shout “Karen, it is you isn’t it?”. “Do you remember us? Gill and Brian we met 12 years ago through Sara Eden, got married 11 years ago and this is Caris our 10 year old daughter”. I did remember them but didn’t know they were an item. It was lovely catching up with their news, both had grown up families and Caris was a later life baby for them. As I said to Gill, it’s nice to know about our success stories even if it is by chance some 12 years later! Ah another success for Sara Eden and I  must tell Debbie when I get back to the office as she recommended Gill select Brian and they both wanted to say thank you to her.

Bye for now – visit again soon.