Now we’re having a heatwave

Wednesday, August 12th, 2020

Just when we thought our endurance had been tested to the limit by the lockdown, now the universe is sending us a Saharan blast of heat to test us further……everything feels like too much effort, especially when we are not sleeping as well as we normally would and tempers are frayed, to say the least.

As you mop your brow it’s worth taking some time to review your Self Care.

Imagine the hot air has been relocated to a favourite holiday destination and picture yourself relaxing somewhere in the shade with a long, cool drink.

Consider your relationship to yourself – how much do you build in to your life to look after the most important person in your life – you? Those who love themselves attract love from others.

Do you, for example:

Take time to prepare nourishing, healthy and delicious food from scratch?

Ever stop and sit still for 5 minutes, eyes closed, listening to the world around you?

Take enough mindful exercise – walking when it’s quiet (and cool!), swimming, practising yoga/tai chi/Pilates….?

Turn off any music, tv or radio and shut the door, then pick up a book that expands your knowledge or allows you to escape from reality? Both these options work well.

Write your thoughts down on paper with a pen?

Wind down at the end of the day, without the distraction of any media, by taking a long bath or shower? Low lighting such as candlelight helps relax the rush of intrusive thoughts and allows you to focus on the sensation and sound of the water.

Sleep really soundly?

Time spent on yourself is never time wasted. In this heat these measures will keep calm and feel collected.  Very attractive when everyone around you is stressed and frantic.

Take care of yourself and life will take care of you.

Karen X