This year it will be 31 years since I founded Sara Eden. Many things have changed over the years but one fact has remained constant and that is ……the summer is a really busy time at Sara Eden and a good time to find love.
Now it looks as though like the warmer weather has finally arrived, here are my 5 top date ideas.

  1. Take your date for an evening picnic. Nothing beats the classic picnic date. Pack a picnic basket with a good bottle of wine and your favourite easy-to-eat foods. Don’t forget to pack a blanket that’s just big enough to fit everything on, but just small enough for a little intimacy. Cuddle up and watch the sunset.
  2. Attend an outdoor concert together or better still go to a summer festival. Spend time listening to music and enjoying each other’s company.
  3.  Sailing, boating, kayaking, or stand-up paddle-boarding — there are a million ways to have fun on the water, even if you’re nowhere near the ocean. Visit a local lake or river near you.
  4. Go stargazing. There’s something very romantic about marvelling over the stars and planets together. Bring a telescope and see which constellations you can spot!
  5. Go to an outside theatre production. Enjoy the warm evening weather and the atmosphere.

Happy dating.
Love Karen x