Sara Eden Testimonial
Hi Karen
Just to let you know, I have just recommended yet another friend to Sara Eden. Her name is Joanna, so expect her call.
I know you have our wedding photo and testimonial in your office but I thought it’s about time I sent you something you can put on your website.
I still can’t believe that Richard and I are about to celebrate our 18th Anniversary – all thanks to that sliding door moment when I decided I needed some help in my choice of partner! I can still remember your positivity and patience and maybe just as important all the guidance and good humour both your staff and yourself gave me as you gently guided me through my membership.
A message to anyone who is seriously considering joining an agency – hand on heart, you couldn’t make a better choice than Sara Eden. Even Richard’s brother (who we really thought was “mission impossible”), quickly found a life-long partner and can also vouch for your amazing insight and dedication.
Tara x
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