Sara Eden Testimonial
It is so rewarding when our couples stay in touch. We received a lovely card in the post today from Sue who is married to Simeon updating us with their news. With their permission we have shared their news.
Hi Karen
I am not sure if you received the last few Christmas cards we sent as I have just noticed your address has changed.
We moved to Seattle in July 2014 with my work. The kids are loving it over here, Harvey is graduating from high school this coming summer, Katie is a beautiful almost 16 year old young woman and Lianne is 12 and a keen gymnast and a competitive cheer flyer. Simeon is still filming around the world and he took Katie to Japan last month to meet a well known Hollywood film star.
All down to you and SE! Just celebrated 18 years of marriage and wanted to share our news with you.
With love from Sue, Simeon, Harvey, Katie and Lianne xxxx
 Sara Eden Testimonial Sue and Simeon