Angela, our Senior Consultant in the London office, received a surprise wedding invitation this week. I emailed the happy couple to ask if we could add them to our success stories on the website and use the announcement on social media and received this lovely response.
Dear Karen,
Thank you for your kind words and you are very welcome to use our story. I found it helpful to read others when I was deciding to take that first step. I really didn’t expect to meet someone through Sara Eden, I just thought it was time to break out of my comfort zone and SE felt the most comfortable and safe way to do this.
I feel so fortunate to have had this opportunity and with such a lovely outcome, thanks to you and Angela.
 Warmest wishes,
The wording in the card which accompanied the invitation.
Dear Angela
It is a constant surprise and delight to have met Trevor, and yet it felt the most natural thing to agree to marry him. How strange and wonderful life is! 
Thank you so much for your advice, warmth and kindness. I remember that you said is was important to persevere, and at a time when I really wanted to bolt.
We both enjoyed our meetings with you and would love to see you at our wedding, but if we don’t there is a photo on it’s way to you!
Much love and best wishes
Helen and Trevor XX