Surviving Lockdown Part 2

Saturday, May 16th, 2020

 Surviving Lockdown Part 2


If you are currently single and would like that to change, this is the perfect time to be considering what you can do.

Firstly, review what you have done in the past, how you have gone about finding a partner and the pros and cons of your approach. How did it work out? Were you well matched? Were you happy? Did the relationship you had make you feel fulfilled and were you well regarded and well treated by your partner? It’s a good idea to look at two or three past relationships so that you can compare the results.

Secondly, think about what you want now. This is important, because every relationship you’ve had will have resulted in some changes in you. Bear in mind the impact of the coronavirus lockdown on you too. Having done this you may be starting to realise that you want some things to be different. After all, those past relationships didn’t work out ultimately did they?

Thirdly, the world is still a fast moving place, where new opportunities appear all the time, so take some time to explore how you might meet new people. Dating apps are becoming more age focused and there is a marked increase in interest groups, where you may meet individuals who share your particular goals – both these routes might be worth looking into.

So, you’ve identified what you want and explored what’s available, but you might still feel that you’ve hit something of a brick wall by this stage, unable to find the approach that feels just right for you. It’s quite a challenge to step out on your own after all and it requires a lot of your personal time and energy. 

How about introduction agencies? The fees are higher, BUT this is an investment in your future……if you succeed in finding “the one” this way it will change your life beyond your wildest imaginings and be worth every penny.

Apps can only do so much for you; what they don’t provide is the support of a professional team with extensive knowledge and understanding of what it takes to identify the right person for you. Now that’s what I call good value.

Stay safe.

Love Karen X