First Dates in Winter – the Sara Eden way….

Tuesday, December 17th, 2019

Snow is predicted and it’s important to enjoy it while it lasts. So, if you have any first dates coming up and the weather scuppers your plans, make snow angels in the park with your date. It’s not nearly as daft as it sounds: it gives you both a chance to relax and be a little bit silly – you will inevitably find yourselves laughing together and making steady eye contact. The capacity for play in adults is such an attractive quality and especially important when you are in the early stages of getting to know someone.

Successful dating is as much about touching each other emotionally as it is physically: if you can both relax and focus on the moment you are sharing, you are much more likely to make the emotional connection upon which lasting relationships are built.

Ice skating is another fun idea for a winter date. Fresh air and messing about together are bound to make your eyes sparkle and your cheeks glow!

You’ve got cold and now you need to warm up….. but this is a first meeting and it’s too soon to be taking your date home to snuggle up by your fireside. If you have thought this through, the venue you’ve chosen¬† will be close to a pub/restaurant with a roaring open fire where you can sit together,¬† and warm up over a coffee or a glass of mulled wine, whilst getting to know each other better.

How about a comedy night? Not such an easy venue for a conversation, but you’ll find out if your date has a sense of humour, which has got to be vital information. Important: to ensure neither of you are heckled, do not sit at the front!!!

Have you ever thought how seeing a film or a play together is always lovely, but not nearly as revealing as a trip to a bookshop? Aim to identify books for each other that you would both be glad to receive, by asking clever questions and listening carefully to the answers. You will certainly learn how well matched you are intellectually.

Hope these insights give you food for thought!

Have a great Christmas first date!

Karen X