It’s a fact that good conversations build trust and understanding in relationships of all kinds. There is a natural pattern of give and take (if there isn’t, then it is not the good kind) that can be a precursor to enhanced communication.
However, as we are building our understanding of another person and no matter if we like them and feel at ease, conversations can flag. Here are some suggestions and guidelines you might like to try:
Self Improvement
Opening up to a partner about your areas for improvement  and the actions you might take could seem counterintuitive, but done at the right time and couched in a positive way,  it can be quite powerful  – you are showing that you have vulnerabilities, that you are ready to share them, are self aware and not helpless. It demonstrates trust, humility and encourages reciprocation. This kind of conversation is the perfect remedy when unrealistic expectations are in danger of scuppering a new relationship and you can feel the person you are with retreating!
Sharing Secrets
This can be hilarious and needs care – we all have things from our pasts which we rarely talk about. You can set the tone by leading with something light hearted, such as the fact that you wore odd socks every day until you went to school and do so, on occasion, even now……opening up to your partner and sharing this way  is very attractive – it will feel special and intimate to both of you.
Talk about your family
But not too much! This is a great way to set the scene for your partner before you meet each other’s nearest and dearest. Bear in mind that what you say will influence their views and potentially future relationships with those you love, so take care to keep the information positive and neutral  allowing your partner  to form his/her own conclusions, showing that you respect and trust them.