Loving someone wholeheartedly and unconditionally and being loved equally in return is a dream we’ve all indulged in. You may feel that sounds a bit cynical, but if we are honest, the version we tend to favour is the one in which all our wishes are realised, with no barriers, no heartache and no nagging doubts.
In reality, love is one of the most complex and fraught aspects of the human condition. Love ain’t easy – it requires courage, faith and hope in great big doses. It’s the hungry beast that needs constant attention.
In a situation where for whatever reason things are not as rosy as we imagined, it is all too easy to walk away and seek solace with someone new, in the notion that this will solve everything. It might, of course, but then again it might not. When we are looking for love and that’s not going to plan, the tendency is to do exactly the same – blame someone, anyone and not consider what steps we might take to actually change the outcomes we are experiencing. Who was it who said that repeating the same thing and expecting a different result is the definition of madness? Apart from me of course!
Is love itself the problem? After all, melding two loves, two pasts, two characters until harmony is achieved is no easy task. Boundaries are necessarily flexible in love and therefore hard to maintain; behaviour you might not accept from a friend or family member you may find yourself accepting from a lover. Is this oaky – does it matter? There is no right or wrong response to any of the many questions you might consider, because it depends on the two individuals involved. If only there were a formula we could apply…….
Put like this it’s a wonder any of us want to fall in love and yet we do, for the simple reason that when it works it is the most sublime form of happiness.
Consulting the experts can really help – we know a thing or two about the pitfalls of love at Sara Eden, which we are happy to share. Providing you are willing to heed our advice, we can help you find and keep the real thing. What’s more, we know where to begin!
Karen X