Fresh from the Channel 4 News investigation -“Fools for love: how an internet dating firm duped clients” last week

Yet another online dating horror story is in the press today – “My online dating terror:Spurned internet lover slashed my horse and plotted to torture me”
As Founder of Sara Eden and Press Officer for the The Association of British Introduction Agencies I regularly speak with the press regarding anything to do with the dating industry. Now I am certainly not anti internet dating but I say all the time BEWARE if someone you have just met on the internet sounds too good to be true or wants to rush into a physical relationship BE CAREFUL and try to find out as much about them as possible. Don’t let your heart rule your head!
For added protection if you do decide to join an internet agency make sure the agency is a member of the ABIA –  that way you have a safeguard if your experience is not good.