The 19th September 1988 is a day I will never forget, sitting at my computer waiting for the phone to ring, having placed adverts in all the local papers and glossy magazines. Eventually it did ring and I took our very first enquiry, an estate agent living in Camberley in his 40’s!
Friends, male and female would complain they couldn’t meet suitable partners but thought I had gone completely mad giving up a successful career to start Sara Eden, with only enough money to pay my mortgage for two months. But I had a vision, I was in my 20’s and failure was not an option, I was determined to succeed.

I used to have to convince people joining Sara Eden was a sensible decision,  they would be meeting people who wanted to be met. People with similar goals and aspirations who were also working long hours and wanted to find Mr or Miss Right rather than Mr or Miss will do.

Fast forward to 2012 how times have changed, the stigma has gone and people look at joining Sara Eden as a first resort rather than a last resort!