Sara Eden New Year Dating Resolutions…

Thursday, January 9th, 2020


A New Year can offer many new opportunities for love and romance. If you are serious about finding love in 2020, try making a few resolutions……

  1. I will forget about my type”. Frankly put, having a type is easy, but it isn’t the best strategy. Now is the time to branch out. There’s an infinite variety of lovely singles out there and you will never know which of them you are attracted to unless you are willing to date them!
  2. “I’ll be more creative with dating ideas”. The message you send to your date is that you care enough to make an effort. This will be very much appreciated and will gain you extra points every time.
  3. ” I’ll spend less time on my phone”. Look around you and talk to people instead. Before phones we had small talk and believe me, it is a life changer.
  4. “I will listen to my instincts”. If something doesn’t feel right it probably isn’t, but it is not easy to walk away from a new relationship when you hate being alone. If the new person in your life is unreliable, prone to moodiness or controlling at this early stage, it might be best to do just that. Toxic love is worse than anything else – it saps your energy and self-belief.
  5. “I will be more realistic in my expectations”. Some expectations are perfectly reasonable, but some are preventing you from finding true happiness. If you are brave enough to look a little deeper than the surface of the situation you find yourself in, you may be surprised.

Karen X